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Database Basics


Database design and Normalisation


SQL Guides

Introduction to databases
from Artful Software Development
  Ten steps to design a database
from Artful Software Development

Gentle introduction to SQL
very clear SQL step-by-step

Interactive introduction
from McMaster University
  Wikipedia on normalisation
SQL tutorial - good for newbies 
Database design summary from Wikipedia   Introduction to normalisation
from TechRepublic
  SQL statement syntax in MySQL

  Normalisation and decomposition
by Oscar Zaiane at SFU

SQL Articles at ONLamp
Database basics in 5 parts by Joe Burns   Relational theory
for the mathematically minded

Transact SQL guide

Introduction to relational databases by Tore Bastrup  

for the mathematically minded

Join basics  from Wikipedia
Primer on normalisation  

Data models - huge collection

  Common Queries
from Artful Software Development



Excellent 5-part tutorial on MySQL joins
from Dev Shed

Some database design rules of thumb

RDBMS genealogy   Tutorial on joins from the MySQL manual

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