Sum across categories

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You often need to sum across several categories to total customer purchase amounts, salesperson sales amounts, political party election spending, etc.

For this example assume three tables: candidates, parties and ridings. You want to get the total amount spent in all ridings by every party in one output row. Here is the schema:

CREATE TABLE candidates (
  id int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
  `name` char(10) ,
  riding char(12) ,
  party char(12) ,
  amt_spent decimal(10,0) NOT NULL default '0',

INSERT INTO candidates 
  VALUES (1,'Anne Jones','Essex','Liberal','5000'),
         (2,'Mary Smith','Malton','Liberal','7000'),
         (3,'Sara Black','Riverdale','Liberal','15000'),
         (4,'Paul Jones','Essex','Socialist','3000'),
         (5,'Ed While','Essex','Conservative','10000'),
         (6,'Jim kelly','Malton','Liberal','9000'),
         (7,'Fred Price','Riverdale','Socialist','4000');

CREATE TABLE ridings (
  riding char(10) NOT NULL default '',
  PRIMARY KEY  (riding)

INSERT INTO ridings VALUES ('Essex'),('Malton'),('Riverdale');

CREATE TABLE parties (
  party char(12) NOT NULL default '',
  PRIMARY KEY  (party)

INSERT INTO parties VALUES ('Conservative'),('Liberal'),('Socialist');

And here is the query that does it:

  SUM(amt_spent) AS Total,
  (SUM(amt_spent)-SUM(CASE WHEN'Conservative' THEN NULL ELSE amt_spent END)) AS Cons,
  (SUM(amt_spent)-SUM(CASE WHEN'Liberal' THEN NULL ELSE amt_spent END)) AS Lib,
  (SUM(amt_spent)-SUM(CASE WHEN'Socialist' THEN NULL ELSE amt_spent END)) AS Soc
  (SELECT * FROM candidates
  INNER JOIN parties ON
  INNER JOIN ridings ON candidates.riding=ridings.riding) AS data

 ------- ------- ------- ------ 
| Total | Cons  | Lib   | Soc  |
 ------- ------- ------- ------ 
| 53000 | 10000 | 36000 | 7000 |
 ------- ------- ------- ------ 

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