MysqlInstanceConfig failure

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The simplest way to prevent path problems with MySQL apps is to add to the Windows system path (My Computer->Advanced System Settings->Environment variables) the full path to the bin folder of your MySQL installation.

In this note, <MYSQL_HOME> refers to the full path to your installation folder. Start the MySQL server in a DOS window with this command:

\bin\mysqld --defaults-file="\my.ini" --console --skip-grant-tables 
Beware two bugs. First, if you are running XP SP2, you may have to add --skip-slave-start to that command, even if you have not set up replication! Second, to step round a long-unfixed MySQL server bug, always put the defaults-file argument first.

If the above command fails, you will see error messages, which is why you ran the command with the --console option. Fix the errors and try again. Once you succeed, assuming InnoDB is enabled, MySQL will spit out several lines ending with something like this:

101127 21:35:22 InnoDB: 1.1.3 started; log sequence number 1532574764 
Note that it appears to hang (because the server is still running).

Now in another DOS window, try to connect to your server:

\bin\mysql -uroot
and attend to any errors that raises, if necessary following instructions under "Reset 'root' password".

Last updated 16 Aug 2019

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