Fast InnoDB snapshots

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(On Windows, cwRsync)

1. rsync on the master while it runs local.

2. Stop the master.

3. rsync a 2nd time to get a fast diff-sync.

4. Stop the slave.

5. rsync the master-backup to the slave.

6. Start replication.

Cold physical copy

If the versions and OSes are identical and all tables are InnoDB, a cold (physical copy) backup is reliable: Do a error-free server shutdown. Copy all ibdata files and .ibd files, .frm files for InnoDB tables, ib_logfile files, and my.cnf/ini to a safe place.

Enterprise backup tool

If you have the Enterprise edition, Hot backup: Use the mysqlbackup tool in MySQL Enterprise Backup.


On Linux systems LVM afteran error-free shutdown:


XtraBackup from Percona:

Last updated 26 Dec 2019

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