OneNote collection of code tips

from the Artful SQL Server & Access Tips List

This is a collection of hundreds of code snippets, modules and classes, all contained in a single OneNote notebook in these sections:
API Calls
Command Line Switches and Parameters
Database Functions
Date Calculations
File Handling
Form Functions
Table Functions
Report Functions
Run External Programs
Helen Fedemma's Access Archives (list of URLs)
Ribbon Functions
Each section has a number of pages devoted to a sub-topic or example. Download it here. To use the file you need a copy of Microsoft OneNote, which is available as a part of Microsoft Office, and also available as a free download from When you're programming in Access, it's best to open the OneNote file and keep it open. When you're facing a problem, you can refer to the appropriate section and often find code that is relevant to your particular issue.

Last updated 25 Mar 2014

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