SQL Server on Linux

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A Microsoft page introducing SQL Server for Linux links to installation command sequences that execute in the terminal window of several popular flavours of Linux. For each of SQL Server itself, MS Tools, and SQL Server commandline tools, you'll find there are pages setting out commands for updating your repository, registering it, downloading and installing the software, and configuring it. Once you do the installation and configuration, starting sqlcmd is straightforward. In a terminal window execute the following, substituting your SQL Server password for PWD:
sqlcmd -S localhost -U SA -P 'PWD'
That will drop you into the SQL Server commandline tool. What databases exist?
exec sp_databases;
In a virgin SQL Server installation this lists four databases: master, model, msdb, tempdb. And now you can get to work in SQL Server on Linux.

Last updated 23 Nov 2016

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