8.0 Windows Installer gotchas

from the Artful MySQL Tips List

Microsoft Installer issues: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2545723/how-to-enable-microsoft-installer-logging-and-verbose-logging-to-gather-additional-troubleshooting-information?

Earlier versions The installer is easily confused by earlier MySQL versions, even earlier mysql*.msi installation files. Remove or hide these files before running the installer.

Existing data The installer is evidently incapable of upgrading existing MySQL data files from a 5.* installation or from a pre-release 8.0 installation. Run a complete mysqldump of current MySQL data excluding the mysql database, then remove or hide all existing MySQL data folders.

Restoring from the dump file If your dump of data from a previous MySQL version included the MySQL "privilege" database named mysql, remove this section of the dump file before restoring; failure to do so will wreck your MySQL 8.0 installation.

Initialisation errors:

1. C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Installer for Windows\Product Cache\mysql-8.0.17-winx64.msi

2. When the wizard pops, exclude "Server Data Files" (Red "X" on the drive)

3. The wizard will install the server

4. Open the regular MySQL Installer

5. Click the "Reconfigure" link

6. Finish server configuration.

Last updated 4 May 2021

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