MySQL and Visual Studio 2019

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In August 2019 an Oracle MySQL developer posted this message ...

"Please note that support for Visual Studio 2019 is not available in the current version of MySQL for Visual Studio. Work is being done to provide the support but as per company policies I'm not able to disclose dates or make any promises as to when it will be available." (,673879,673985#msg-673985.

On 21 Oct 2019 Oracle/MySQL announced version 1.29 of MySQL for Visual Studio for Visual Studio 2019 (

The most recent Oracle/MySQL list of requirements for MySQL for Visual Studio and VS 2019 is at

As of March 2020, there were still many problem reports about getting MySQL for Visual Studio to work with Visual Studio 2019. There is a discussion of workarounds here.

Last updated 26 Jun 2020

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