Can't connect via socket

from the Artful MySQL Tips List

Common reasons for this error ... Is mysql server running?

mysqladmin -u root -p status
If not, consult the log to find out why.

If so, can you connect as

If that works, what's the socket setting in my.cnf, and where's the sock file (usually /data/mysql_datadir/mysql.sock or /tmp/mysql.sock)

A symlink might fix it, and/or you may need to ...

sudo chmod -R 755 /var/lib/mysql/
Does the startup scipt specify socket=...? If so, it may not match my.cnf. Correct one or the oither.

If you can't find the sock file, does this find it?

sudo find / -type s
If so, edit my.cnf accordingly.

Last updated 11 Apr 2020

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