Call a stored procedure from PHP

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The best way to call a MySQL stored procedure in PHP is via the mysqli API, which without any fussy settings supports multiple stored procedure calls, multiple resultsets, and OUT parameters. Assume sproc myproc( IN i int, OUT j int ):
$mysqli = new mysqli(  "HOST", "USR", "PWD", "DBNAME" );
$res = $mysqli->multi_query( "CALL myproc($ivalue,@x);SELECT @x" );
if( $res ) {
  $results = 0;
  do {
    if ($result = mysqli->store_result()) {
      printf( "Result #%u:<br>", ++$results );
      while( $row = $result->fetch_row() ) {
        foreach( $row as $cell ) echo $cell, " ";
      echo "<br>";
  } while( $mysqli->more_results() && $mysqli->next_result() );
You can call a stored procedure via the deprecated mysql PHP API if you set the fifth parameter to mysql_connect() to an internal magic constant CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS, 65536. But you can make only one stored procedure call per connection, and there is no support for OUT parameters. Assume sproc myproc(IN i int, IN j int):
$conn = mysql_connect( "HOST", "USR", "PWD", 0, 65536 );
mysql_select_db( "DBNAME" );
$res = mysql_query( "call myproc($ivalue,$jvalue)" ) or die( mysql_error() );
while( $row = mysql_fetch_row( $res )) {
  foreach( $row as $cell ) echo $cell, " ";
  echo "<br>";
close( $conn );
For more discussion see "Call Stored Procedure with OUT Parameter".

Last updated 6 Dec 2020

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