Manual installation in Windows

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Rolando Edwards posted this manual Windows installation how-to on the MySQL discussion list:

1. Go to a DOS Window and create a directory called C: MySQL_5.1.32

2. Click Start, Run, and type Open : C: MySQL_5.1.32. This will open a Windows Explorer Window in that new empty Folder.

3. Download to the Windows Desktop

4. Open the and another Windows Explorer window opens up containing the folder 'mysql-noinstall-5.1.32-win32'

5. Double click that 'mysql-noinstall-5.1.32-win32' folder and another window shows the folders 'bin','data','Docs' and so forth.

6. Select all files and folders by hitting Ctrl-A

7. Drag and Drop those selected files and folders into the 'C: MySQL_5.1.32' Window

8. Right-click on 'My Computer', and click on 'Properties'

9. Click on the Advanced Tab

10. Click the Environment Variables button

11. Scroll the bottom listbox to the PATH variable

12. Double Click the PATH variable

13. Append ';C:MySQL_5.1.32' to the PATH variable

14. Click OK 3 times

15. In the 'C:MySQL_5.1.32' Window, copy 'my-small' to 'my' (In other words, copy mysql-small.ini to my.ini) If you do not do this, you will be starting mysqld with all server defaults

16. Create a DOS Batch File called start_mysqld.bat:

       @echo off
       set MYSQL_HOME=C:MySQL_5.1.32
       set MYSQL_BIN=%MYSQL_HOME%bin
       echo %MYSQL_BIN%
       cd %MYSQL_BIN%
       pause (This line is optional)
       start mysqld

17. Create a DOS Batch File called stop_mysqld.bat with the following lines

       @echo off
       set MYSQL_HOME=C:MySQL_5.1.32
       set MYSQL_BIN=%MYSQL_HOME%bin
       %MYSQL_BIN%mysqladmin -uroot shutdown
18. Create a ShortCut for both batch files and place them on the Desktop

19. Double Click the ShortCut for start_mysqld.bat This should start up mysqld Open the task manager and look for 'mysqld.exe'

20. Goto a new DOS Window and type 'mysql -uroot' You should be in mysql now.

Last updated 16 Aug 2019

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