NetBeans 6.5.1: not ready for prime time

from the Artful MySQL Tips List

NetBeans is another appealing, Java-based, multi-language, multi-database IDE. We downloaded the 247MB installation package for version 6.5.1 from It installed without a hitch. NetBeans loaded without error to reveal a beautiful set of working panes. It has interfaces for MySQL, PHP, Java, Ruby C++ and many other tools.

It was dead easy to connect NetBeans to any MySQL installation on the LAN, so we hoped it also would be easy to teach the NetBeans PHP IDE module to manage a PHP webapp which has a home under Apache on another machine on the LAN.

No such luck. NetBeans can run a PHP app under localhost, or as a command-line script, or it can access a remote PHP app via FTP, but this NetBeans release cannot manage a PHP app running under Apache on another LAN machine. Worse, when we started to explore the issue, we started running into showstopping roadblocks. After a few go-rounds on the NetBeans forum, it was suggested that we report the problem as a NetBeans "issue". That required another registration, this time with IssueZilla. But that registration process is broken.

So for now we're stuck. NetBeans is not the all-in-one IDE tool we were looking for. We'll keep this entry updated as we learn more.

Last updated 16 Aug 2019

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