Access / SQL

We have fifteen years experience developing powerful applications using Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PowerBuilder, Visual Studio .NET, and Dreamweaver MX.

Key Benefits

  •  Rapid Application Development (RAD).
  •  Data Modeling expertise, guaranteeing that your project rests on a solid foundation.
  •  Formal Requirements and Use Case documents.


Preparation of Requirements
No matter how small a project is, it will benefit from a formal requirements phase. We interview the project's stakeholders, gather their requirements and map them to a collection of Use Case documents that precisely capture the functionality expected of your application. Client and Developer both profit from a clear understanding of when a project is finished and successful.
Expert Access & SQL Programming Skills
ADO has a worldwide reputation as one of the most expert Access development firms. See the AccessD or dba-SQL developers' forums at for evidence. The Artful team has programmed some very ambitious applications in Access and SQL 2000. We were among the first to dive into the ADP technology provided in Access 2000, and later refined in Access 2002. Some projects have comprised hundreds of tables with millions of rows and thousands of views, stored procedures and triggers...
Data-Driven Web Sites
ADO has designed and developed several serious database-driven applications, involving large volumes of data, credit-card authorization, image banks and complex data-relationships. Our preferred design tools are Dreamweaver MX and Visual Studio.Net. We also use Microsoft Frontpage for smaller, less demanding projects.


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