Data-Driven Web Sites

You cannot afford to create new pages every time your database changes.
Sooner or later, you must consider a database-driven solution.

Key Benefits

  •  Instead of 1000 pages, you have 10 pages -- intelligent templates that load the requested data and format it accordingly.
  •  Add data to the database, and nothing is required on the web side. It automatically includes the new data.
  •  Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) may be applied at any level of the tree. Different branches of the tree can thus have different looks.


Shopping Carts
Shopping carts presuppose a small number of products with no variation. They are inappropriate for any business in which customization of a base product is the norm. This includes car-stereo installers all the way to nuclear-reactor installers.
Cross-Platform Solutions
We can design, develop and deploy your solution across any desired platforms.
Interface to QuickBooks Pro
We have developed several packages that interface our template databases with QuickBooks. This enables you to have a very complex order-entry application, most of whose details remain in that database, but whose salient accounting details are passed into QuickBooks.


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