Data Modeling

We're Also a Modeling Agency
Database applications are the most critical in the organization, because everything rests upon their continuing success. Unfortunately, database design is not something you learn in a week or even a year. It is very complex, and bad design decisions can cost you huge amounts of downstream money, hours, headaches, nightmares and worse.
A bad data model can kill the organization. A mediocre model is subsistence. An elegant model is the foundation for success.
If you're new to database design, you could start with our introduction to relational databases and our chapter on designing a databases to a specification.
Unless you can feasibly do it all by yourself, It comes down to finding someone you can trust.
We offer a collection of template databases, models for specific application requirements -- order entry and inventory, for example. Our intention is to apply the open-source model to database design. Should we succeed, we will have created a place where complex database designs can be downloaded and shared among the like-minded.
You may not understand Primary and Foreign Keys, or know the difference between inner and outer joins, but we do. We have been designing databases for over 20 years. You may not understand why we made certain decisions, but you can trust that there is a good reason. You can also trust that the model is designed for maximum flexibility to change according to future requirements.
Some of the models will be free. Some will have a license fee. We are available for customization of any of the models.

Key Benefits

  •  20 years' experience designing rich and deep databases
  •  inherit proven designs
  •  model-specific customization available

Models Invited!

  • If you've built a few versions of some vertical-market database, chances are you have something worth sharing. We invite your contributions.
  • Should you choose to contibute a model, we ask that you cohere to certain guidelines. You should supply at least three SQL scripts: xxx_create.sql, xxx_populate.sql and  xxx_drop.sql. Backups of SQL or Access MDB databases will not suffice. These can be offered as downloads but should not be required.


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